Online Sources – Metacrawlers

Unlike search engines, metacrawlers don't crawl the web themselves to build listings. Instead, they allow searches to be sent to several search engines all at once. The results are then blended together onto one page
Dogpile Popular metasearch site that sends a search to a customizable list of search engines, directories and specialty search sites, then displays results from each search engine individually. Owned by Go2Net, which also owns MetaCrawler.
Ixquick Meta search engine that ranks results based on the number of "top 10" rankings a site receives from the various search engines.
MetaCrawler One of the oldest meta search services, MetaCrawler began in July 1995 at the University of Washington. MetaCrawler was purchased by Go2Net, an online content provider, in Feb. 97. The commercial backing has helped improve the responsiveness of the service. MetaCrawler now also powers searches at the Go2Net portal site. is a meta search engine operated by Cnet. It offers both web-wide search and a wide variety of specialty search options. uses technology from SavvySearch, which was acquired by Cnet in October 1999. The SavvySearch site itself no longer operates. SavvySearch was one of the older metasearch services, around since May 1995 and formerly based at Colorado State University.
Vivisimo Enter a search term, and Vivismo will not only pull back matching responses from major search engines but also automatically organize the pages into categories. Slick and easy to use.
qbSearch Want to get multiple pages of results from a search engine combined into one single page? QB-Search will quickly join up to 200 pages of listings from major search engines. It's a simple, helpful tool that you'll no doubt need at some point. Another powerful offering is QB-Masterpage, which will combine URLs that you select into a single page for quick browsing. Both are available from QuickBrowse.
ProFusion Customizable, with broken link detection and search tracking available. Formerly based at the University of Kansas, the site was purchased by search company Intelliseek in April 2000.
InfoGrid In a compact format, InfoGrid provides direct links to major search sites and topical web sites in different categories. Meta search and news searching is also offered. Searches the major search engines, removes duplicate results, provides context highlighting, helps users focus search words, provides detailed page summaries.
TeRespondo Spanish metacrawler that searches on the more popular search engines. It also has a database of questions and answers that aid the user when searching, similar to Ask Jeeves. Motor de busqueda que busca tu consulta en los buscadores mas populares en espanol.


Sends search requests to major search services.
ByteSearch Removes duplicates and allows you to choose topics to search within.
Debriefing A metasearch tool with both English and French interfaces. In French mode, major French search engines are queried. Results are prefaced by "Dynamic Topics" related to the original search. Selecting one adds more terms to the search, which may provide more focused results.
HuskySearch The author of MetaCrawler continues research into information retrieval with this University of Washington-based metacrawler. It was launched in early 1997
MatchSite Nice, clean and fast interface for searching across the major search engines
WebInfoSearch Sends your search to an extremely large list of search engines
1Blink Metasearch against major search engines, as well as newsgroups and newswires
Chubba Search results are combined into one large list and duplicates removed, or results can be viewed by search engine
Query Server Really meant as a demo of Open Text's search technology, this meta search service groups results by concept Searches the major search engines, removes duplicate results, sorts by confidence and displaysmatching results. Beware: popup windows
The Big Hub Allows you to search a huge number of specialty sites, all from the same place. Also lets you meta search some major search engines, though the default is to hit only search engines with paid listings. Formerly the Internet Sleuth (
C4 C4 allows meta searching against several major search engines, with a nice, clean interface
SearchBuddy Java-based meta search site that is supposed to automatically process advanced queries appropriately for each search engine
Black Widow Provides indentation of multiple results from the same sites and also offers context highlighting
CuteDoggy Search the Web doggystyle
Datahit Metasearch Metacrawler with option to highlight search terms
Family Friendly Search Meta search service that queries major kid-friendly search engines WebSearch Alliance Chooses engines to metasearch dynamically, sometimes including Excite, Northern Light, Alta Vista. Great collection of specialty sites.
Ithaki Allows metasearching in at least 14 languages, with specially-created national metasearches of at least 15 countries.
InfoZoid Query the major search engines, choose to see results integrated or sorted by engine. Specialty meta search also available
MetaEureka Meta search with no graphics, provides up to 100 results per search, and offers a filter to exclude adult content
One2seek Fast, colorful meta search results
PointGuide You can easily select the search engines you wish to query here, plus increase the number of results retrieved from each search engine and the total number shown within the meta search results. Results are ranked so that sites appearing at more than one search engine are listed first
Search Caddy Meta search for web sites, news and stock information
Search Runner Meta search over 23 subjects on the web, including web sites, books, auctions, MP3s, stock quotes and news
SearchWiz Fast, clean results from major search engines Meta search engine that blends results page from each search engine it queries into a single page.
SherlockHound Combines results pages from major search engines into one single page. Available in several languages
Sportula Charities win when you search at Sportula. Advertisers pay to be listed higher in the results, and half the money earned is supposed to be donated to selected charitable organizations. Non-paid results come from meta searching major search engines
WorldLight Metacrawler with web page and image searching
infiniSearch Ad-free meta search engine
Ask Pete! Fast response back from major search engines in a colorful interface
GoCheat Meta searches top game cheat sites
SeekAmerica Meta search tool that allows targeted searches in countries within North and South America
fuzzycrawler Metasearch that uses fuzzy logic, natural language processing, and link verification
Unlike metacrawlers, all-in-one search pages do not send your query to many search engines at the same time. Instead, they generally list a wide-variety of search engines and allow you to search at your choice without having to go directly to that search engine
All-in-One Search Page Search over 500 search engines from this single site, which is one of the web's oldest all-in-one search pages. It dates back to June 1995 An excellent and well-organized collection of search sites, ranging from reverse phone number searches to package tracking, as well as covering the major search engines. Formerly called Search-It-All.
Skworm Nicely done guide to search engines with the ability to query from the same page
The Big Hub Allows you to search a huge number of specialty sites, all from the same place. Also lets you meta search some major search engines, though the default is to hit only search engines with paid listings. Formerly the Internet Sleuth (
Proteus Lets you easily send your search to one of several search engines. It also has links to search engine help pages
OneSeek Allows you to view results from individual search engines within a frame. You can change search engines as desired
All4one Search Machine Returns results from 4 search engines and directories in resizable frames
Alphasearch Clean, easy to use all-in-one search page
Crawl-It-All Choose who to search from in various categories
One Page MultiSearch Engines Clean interface lets you query major services from one page

Prime Search

Weird but useful. Enter a term, then push search. A new, small window will appear with links to major search engines and specialty services. Click on a search engine's link, and results for your keyword will appear in the main window. It makes it easy to go between different search engines
PureSearch Send your search to one of several general purpose search engines, meta search engines or specialty services
Search Spaniel Results from each search engine appear on their own page or can be framed within a single page
SearchFocuser Select a web site, and then this page lets you use one of three major search engines to retrieve pages just from that web site